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Cocktail Savory Tarts (Quantity 12 – Sundired Tomato & Olive, Bacon Asparigus & Chicken & Mushroom)
Cocktail Savory Pastry (Quantity 12 – Salami & cheese, & Spinach and fetta)
Cocktail Sausage Rolls (Quasntity 48)
Assorted Cocktail Pies (Quantity 12)
Cocktail Plain Pies (12 pack)
Cocktail Mini Quiche (12 Ass – Cheese & Bacon & Spinach & Feta)


10″ Round Iced Cake
8″ Round Iced Cake
Cheesecake Round 9″
Half Slab Cake
Caterers 9″ Apple Pie
Date & Walnut Bar
Fruit Flan (Single Serve)
Lamingtons (Fresh Cream & Jam)
Chocolate Mouse Stack (Single Serve)
Sponge Vanilla Choc Stack (Single Serve)
Caramel Slice
Vanilla Slice
Eclair – Custard (Fresh Cream)
Eclair – Chocolate (Fresh Cream)
Apple Turnovers (Fresh Cream)
Choc Fudge Slice
Custard Tart Baked Small
Custard Tart Cold Set Small
Blueberry & Apple Pie Single Serve
Apple Pie Single Serve
Mini Lemon Meringue
Iced Cup Cakes
Neenish Tart
Pineapple Tart
Large Croissant
Large Cookie With Smatrties
Finger Bun Pink Iced
Large Meringue worms
Melting Moments
Scone Date
Scone Plain

Turkish Bread

520g Small Fruit Turkish
110g Medium Turkish Roll
620g Turkish Plain XL 60cm
550g Turkish Plain Large 60cm
400g Turkish Plain Small 35cm


Pizza Dough Fresh 180g
Pizza Dough Fresh 300g
7″ Pizza Base
Mini Meat Lovers
Mini Ham & Pineapple


300g French Sticks
680g Fruit Loaf (Inch Cut)
680g Fruit Loaf

Garlic Bread

Garlic Turkish Bread 150g (Box 25)
Galic & Herb Bread 140g (Box 20)
Garlic Bread Individual 140g (Box 20)


Spinach & Fetta Pasteries


Quiche Cheese & Bacon (Family)
Quiche Cheese & Bacon (Single serve)
Quiche Spinach & Fetta (Family)
Quiche Spinach & Fetta (Single serve)

Sausage Rolls

Spinach & Fetta Pasteries
Sausage Roll Plain Large
Sausage Roll Cheese & Bacon
Sausage Roll Chili
Sausage Roll Plain


Ned Kelly Steak, Cheese, Bacon, Egg & Potato
Steak Mexican
Chicken, Mushroom & Bacon
Steak Pepper
Steak Tomato & Onion
Steak & Potato
Chicken Mornay
Steak Curry
Steak Cheese & Bacon
Steak & Mushroom
Plain Steak Pie


1.7kg wide
1.3kg wide
1.2kg Cafe Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed
850g Linseed Sourdough
850g Olive Large
850g Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed
800g Sourdough Vienna Plain
550g Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed
500g Wholemeal
500g Sourdough Vienna Plain

Gluten Free

7″ Mud Cake
750g Banana Bread
1.2kg Large Loaf
Chocolate Slice
Orange and Poppy Seed Slice
Banana Slice
Vanilla Cup Cakes
9″ Pizza Base
110g Large round roll Quantity 6 pack


Focaccia Rolls X Large
Focaccia Rolls Medium
Plain Focaccia slab 42cm x 42cm


420g Olive Ciabatta Loaf
400g Ciabatta Loaf
110g Ciabatta Roll per 6

Rye & Continentals

550g Miche Cob
1.2kg Rye Cafe Un Sliced
850g Rye Sourdough twist
550g Rye Vienna Rustic


550g Plait Loaf

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